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ERP Software Implementation

"Emotional Design: Blending of human emotions into creative designs"

Enterprise Resource Planning Services or ERP as it is called integrates different departments and functions within an organization onto a single computer system. ERP Solutions bring together all the departments needs into single, integrated software program which runs off a unified database to help departments to share vital information and communicate with each other.

Enterprise Resource Planning Company that has a well built technical team that strategically combines the technology with your business process to manage important parts of your business such as product planning, parts purchasing, maintaining inventories, interacting with suppliers, providing customer service, and tracking orders.

Our Enterprise Resource Planning Services help creation of agile, flexible systems in your organization which works to reduce total cost of processes, improve system responsiveness, increase productivity and adding value by increasing ROI.

Benefits of our Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions

We work with you as partners and innovate processes that focus on your business demands to create 100% customized solutions that are tailor made for your business.

Our expertise in Enterprise Resource Planning Services speeds task operation and reduce project risk to get the system up and running faster.
Our team provides a sound IT architecture so that the applications respond faster and more effectively.
Allows efficient management of resources, increasing overall efficiency in your organization.

Offshore Software Development

"Cost savings of up to 50% and faster turn around time"

Dynamic offshore software development company providing solutions that are best aligned with the clients strategic business model. Our solutions assist organizations to optimize their business processes cost effectively and without compromising on the performance parameters like budget, quality and time.Virtue TechSoft co-exists with medium enterprises, large global corporations and new generation start-upcompanies. With the combination of our domain expertise and competitive pricing, our business model delivers enhanced productivity resulting in cost savings of up to 50% and faster turnaround time.

Offshore Software Solutions company offers a professional project management approach / SCRUM methodology and commitment towards quality processes through our offshore facilities in India. Furthermore by using our global-source offshore model, clients enjoy various benefits such as increased resource scalability,access to the vast technology pool and our state of the art infrastructure.With the scalability and flexibility to support long-term growth, We provide a single point of accountability to promote rapid return on investment and low total cost of ownership.

Tools and Technologies

Platform : Unix, Linux, Windows, Mac
Web Server : Red Hat Secure, Apache, IIS, JBOSS
Databases : MS-SQL/ MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS Access
Client Side Script : XML, WML, SVG, XHTML, JavaScript, AJAX
Server Side Script : PHP,, Perl, JSP, Ruby on Rails
Interactive Web Design Tools : Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, FrontPage
Business Logic : C, C++, J2EE, .Net, PHP
GUI Applications : Java, PHP-GTK
Open Source : OS-Commerce, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Zen/X Cart
Web Technologies : Web 2.0, Rich Internet Applications (RIA)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

"Customized Solutions for the enterprise and SME level companies."

(CRM) software is an industry term for software solution that help expertise businesses manage customer relationships ln an organized way. Outsourced Customer Relationship Management Services enables companies to better serve their customers through reliable self-services automated processes, personal information gathering and processing. It plays an important role for the success of any organization, effective management of customer data and adds the value well beyond sales & services.Offshore Customer Relationship Management Solution company that uses the latest cutting-edge technologies and provides customized Solution for enterprise and SME Level companies.


Virtue TechSoft has the capability to build CRM marketing applications, that can create and capture new business opportunities by designing and executing effective marketing initiatives at the right times. You can use CRM Services to analyze your customer and prospect base, target the best prospects and create and manage effective marketing campaigns.Offshore CRM Solutions can help you capture new customers and drive repeat business, filter and get quality customer and prospects list to find the best targets for your campaign figure out marketing tools to use, roll in budgets and schedule follow-up tasks and have a true measure of return on investment.

Sales Forecasting:

We helps in assessing all of your sales opportunities. It allows you with a transparent sales cycle where you can value each opportunity determine prospects' time frame for purchase and identify budgets in place for acquiring your product. Our CRM Services allow you to manage complex sales cycles and to measure your sales results against forecasts to have the real picture.

Client Server Application

"Integrated, flexible, responsive and far-reaching applications"

Client/server is a computational architecture that involves client processes requesting service from server processes. To support the ever complicating business processes, businesses today need integrated, flexible responsive and far-reaching applications.

Issues addressed by client/server concept:

Earlier applications were developed to model vertical applications.
They do not work in isolation.
It is not based on a centralized control model.
It is not implemented as monolithic system.

Advantages of client/server applications:

Based on network management, and not vertical management.
Client/Server Applications also eliminate costly Web cross-platform compatibility issues.
More customer focused.
Faster development as programmers can create those applications faster and cheaper using multiple window widgets such as trees, menus, and tabs, all of which have poor support under HTML.
Gives vendor independence.
More integrated & built in sync with business requirements.
Offers multiple access to multiple teams.
Easy access to information across locations, offices, etc.
Easy access to information across locations, offices, etc.

Virtue TechSoft has demonstrated capabilities of building complex client server applications in a dynamic environment.

Logo Design

Like a masterful piece of art, the ideal designing needs to tap your inner emotions, stimulate your visual appeal, and etch it into your memory, Our designers are formally trained in fine arts.

Best Features to fulfill your Branding & Marketing Needs

We are brilliant and extremely creative Logo Designers in Canada. Additionally, our quality control ensures that only the best concepts are created for our clients.

  • 100% Originally Created Artworks.
  • Professional Design Concepts
  • 1 Dedicated Designer + Visualiser
  • Unlimited Modifications & Revisions
  • Icons for Social Media Facebook, Twitter Etc.
  • URL Bar Fav Icon.
  • Print, Web, Animation & Video Ready Formats.
  • Apps .ICO Format.
  • High Resolutions Bitmap & Vector
  • Upto 2500 DPI.
  • Ownership Rights in Writing.
  • Highend Quality Designs & Files.
  • We use CMYK Printing Compatible Colours.
  • FREE! Corporate Company Presentation.
  • FREE! Corporate Identity Designs.
  • FREE! Printing Assistance.
  • FREE! Support After Sales.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!.

We have a team of experienced designers as well-qualified and we are the top graphics designers work passionately for your designing and create the best logo design company for your business. We are offering a highly creative designers solution in Canada for national & international clients.

Web Hosting

Web hosting service offers you with web space to store all web documents such as content, images, banners, logos, videos and more at one place. Here at Atom Innovations we offer a vast range of web site hosting packages to the customers. Our hosting services are of best quality and you get it at most affordable prices. Once you go through our hosting packages, and then you have to ask for the required package you are looking for. At our Company, we offer guaranteed 99.9% uptime and several value added services.

Our customers avail with free control panel, free e-mails set ups, free blogs set ups and more. Apart from these services, you can get best 24/7 technical support. Yes, it is true that you get our support whenever you require.

Our customers avail with huge discounts on ordering web host. You can get a Free Domain with each hosting package and also there are no hidden charges or extra payments. We are transparent and do business with complete honesty.


Internet advertising has proven to be a targeted approach to reaching your customer base, and is easily the most cost effective and measurable method of obtaining new customers.

It's an ideal way to reach potential customers with a solution that's cost effective, offers precise targeting and easy to understand tracking tools. Online search advertising reaches over 94.5% of Canadian internet users who use search engines to find products or services online.

Each one of these users is interested in the search keywords they have entered, which makes the web such an effective way to connect with prospects interested in your business.

Responsive Audiences

More and more Canadians are using search engines like Google every day. Over 10.7 million Canadians are online at least monthly and many of them are looking to buy products or services while you read this. This is great news for small business owners who can use advertising platforms like Google AdWords to reach this captive audience.

Benefits for your Business

  • Being found first in search results.
  • Gaining an advantage over your competitors.
  • Attaining the highest rate of traffic to your website.
  • Taking your position as your industry's leader.
  • Attracting more quality sales leads.
  • Increasing business revenue.
  • Improving business sustainability.

Discussion Forums

We provide perfect discussion forum on your website that will engage your website visitors in conversation, allow them to post topics, responses, involve them in online discussions.

Web Management

A Proactive Approach

n internet time, if your solution isn’t working 24/7, then it isn’t working. (And it isn’t really a solution.) The most important thing to know about Atom Innovations is that when something goes wrong, you (or your clients) will be able to get a live person on the phone no matter what time it is.

Our guarantee is that we will complete any task requiring less than two hours the same day. But, as you can see from our average support ticket close time, we close most of our tickets much earlier. Many within hours.

Monthly Monitoring

We constantly scan your websites for even the barest hint of an issue. If A goes bad, we’re on it. If B rears it’s ugly head, we fix it. And when a plug-in goes out of date, we update it.

For example Say a new version of a plug-in you use becomes available for your site. As soon as this happens, our system generates a ticket to update your website. A member of our team logs in, updates the plug-in and sends you email notification.

Regular Technology Updates

One of the most times consuming yet mission critical tasks website owners face is staying up to date with the ever changing technology platforms, code updates and platform upgrades. At Atom Innovations we proactively approach the management of your website with this in mind. That means we take care of all these tasks for you on a schedule. We’re in the business of technology and staying up to speed on what’s happening out there is just part of what we do every day. With Atom Innovations, your website, it’s code and platform infrastructure will be monitored and automatically upgrades as changes hit the market.

We can help no matter where you’re located

Atom Innovations is located in Calgary, Canada but the good news is that you don’t have to be! No matter where in the world you are we are here for you. Our 24/7 support system is always ready to handle whatever you need no matter what time zone you’re in. Experience the difference for yourself – let’s get started today.

Platform Neutral

WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Magento, .NET and the list goes on and on. There are a variety of platforms out there and certain businesses are suited to use certain platforms. The chances are you’ve been working with a “specialist” in your chosen platform and now you’re trying to find a better resource. Atom Innovations works with the best and brightest minds in the industry and that means having a team at your disposal ready to work on any platform out there. If you’re looking for a one stop shop then you’ve just found it.

Custom Websites and Applications

We provide more functionality for your website, more customized options, or more customized applications to help you run your business online