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Advisory - IT Consulting

Identifying High-Value Opportunities

All companies are driving towards one goal: maximizing profits. Regardless of size or scale, they must juggle competing priorities like maintaining current products, investing in next-generation products and navigating changing fiscal environments to reach this goal. However, each of these demands can spread a firm’s resources thin, resulting in delayed timelines, less effective processes, lower quality products and uncertain profits.

Our Advisory Service Offering

To help our clients increase their profitability, Virtue TechSoft offers advisory services that identify high-value optimization opportunities, address critical challenges, and transform product operations. Our advisory services offering takes a "business transformation" approach as opposed to a "business process re-engineering" or "downsizing" approach. In other words, we do not simply focus on lowering a client’s costs; we optimize a client’s business and technology in order to reallocate talent and management bandwidth to higher-value activities. To this end, we collaborate directly with our clients’ R&D organizations to effectively improve processes, technologies and overall product quality.

Our Advisory Service Focus Areas

Virtue TechSoft advisory services focus on the following areas of interest:

Benefits of Virtue TechSoft Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions

Location Portfolio Strategy
Captive Transformation
Product Architecture
Product Delivery / Deployment
Distributed Agile Development
Test Transformation

Product Support

In order to provide support for commercial grade products, software companies must create dedicated product support teams that can quickly respond to a customer's situation and deliver comprehensive product support solutions. Virtue TechSoft enables its clients to focus primarily on their core initiatives by providing reliable, high-quality product support and product maintenance services to their end customers.

Our Product Support & Maintenance Service Offering

Virtue TechSoft extended product support infrastructure was specifically developed for software companies, and our product support team is a combination of domain and technology expertise. We deliver product support and maintenance services in the following ways

Reactive and proactive product support
Response time driven product support
Troubleshooting and continuing product maintenance
Maintenance and support for legacy application, software products, databases and data warehouses
Network Management and Support
Seamless integration between servers, systems and supporting network infrastructures
Broad array of network management services
Systems & network architecture and support planning
24/7 telephone network support
On-site network management personnel
Network monitoring and management services

IT Outsourcing @ VirtueTechsoft

Virtue TechSoft offers a full range of software outsourcing services from end-to-end development of new software and web solutions to re-engineering and enhancement of legacy applications.

Tangible benefits of software outsourcing in today's challenging business environment have been recognized by many companies worldwide. Software outsourcing enables businesses to benefit from operational cost savings, shorter time-to-market cycles and access to cutting-edge software development expertise.

Virtue TechSoft offers a full range of software outsourcing services from end-to-end development of new software and web solutions to re-engineering and enhancement of legacy applications, application integration and on-going maintenance and support. Virtue TechSoft's has a vast pool of seasoned professionals with diverse skills that are available to clients on a dedicated or as-needed scheme. We puts special emphasis on training and keeping the team updated with the latest technologies, industry standards and the best software development practices.

Benefits Of Outsourcing To Virtue TechSoft

Access To Expertise -

Virtue TechSoft has accumulated considerable expertise in different technologies and business domains. Our experience ranges from website design and web application programming to development and integration of complex web-based or stand-alone enterprise systems. We have strong competence in different technologies including PHP, ASP.NET MVC, Java, Ruby on Rails, iPhone, Android and other mobile platforms.

High-Skilled Team -

Virtue TechSoft has a team of 100+ IT specialists with wide knowledge and extensive experience. Our effective hiring strategy, internal trainings, links with leading technical universities and proper motivation practices enables us to hire and retain the best-of-breed IT professionals

Flexibility And Scalability -

Virtue TechSoft is a one-stop IT solutions provider offering a full-cycle software services and able to serve all your software development needs. We offer flexible engagement schemes enabling you to decrease or increase the team size or involve specialists with different expertise when your business requirements change. This lets you optimize the team performance and the cost structure to get the maximum ROI out of the outsourcing engagement.

Confidentially And Intellectual Property Protection -

We take comprehensive measures to secure the clients' confidential information. We have a set of policies and procedures to protect your business sensitive information and software artifacts (source codes, specification, etc.). After the project is finished, you retain the source codes and all IP rights on developed software.

Cost Savings -

We offer competitive hourly rates considerably lower than EU or US service providers while keeping upper-level standards of quality and reliability.

Seamless Communication -

We realizes the vital importance of effective communication for outsourcing projects. We aim to create and maintain a productive and secure communication flow. Established knowledge management infrastructure and different communication channels ensure efficient information sharing and management with all project members.

Product Engineering

Markets change dynamically and so do their demands. Organizations from all verticals and sizes are pushed to innovate and deploy high-quality products, enhance functionalities to gain a sustainable competitive edge and customize products to cater to a global media with vivid language, technology and culture.

Virtue TechSoft is armed with ( VTS MomentumTM), an Agile and Scrum based methodology for distributed product engineering to work as an extended arm of clients to introduce cutting edge product engineering processes and deliver products that surpass market demands and deliver added value to the business users.

Value Proposition

We provides end-to-end product engine.

Hire Dedicated Resources

Virtue TechSoft's Dedicated Teams Model (dtm) offers clients' an easy & cost effective solution for engaging different kinds of technical groups & resources.

Dedicated Teams Model (DTM) is an excellent solution if you need a complete control over human and technical resources involved into the development process. DTM features a high level of transparency, security, flexibility and scalability. All infrastructure and personnel are at your dedicated service as long as you need them for a fixed monthly fee. DTM is a good choice if you need a team of highly-qualified professionals that will exactly match your IT and business needs.

Benefits Of Dedicated Teams Model (DTM)

  • Access to a wide-range of expert IT resources with diverse skill sets.
  • Less than 24 hours required to get the teams up and running.
  • Transparent engagement process and comprehensive reporting system.
  • Established intellectual property protection procedures and mechanisms.
  • Ready to use IT infrastructure with best facilities.
  • Complete control over the team structure (involvement/replacement/withdrawal)
  • Complete control over your projects flow (requirements/schedules/deliverable etc.)

We can also customize our engagement models to address your specific business needs. Please contact us regarding your project requirements and one our representative shall get in touch with you shortly.

Note: The monthly charges per resource defined above includes project manager supervision, technical support, infrastructure cost, training cost and local taxes. There are no other additional hidden charges involved under the DTM engagement.

Additional Features & Specifications

Working Hours/Month

160 manhours of services per month. Normal office hours plus flexible timing to be determined as per client's project requirements. (Note: Any leaves will be covered by working extra hours during that respective month without any additional cost).


Via phone, email, chat and skype with daily/weekly reporting. Additionally, at the end of each day your remote staff will summarise their work to you so you are prepared for the next day.

Contract Duration

Minimum 1 month contract that can be extended as per client requirements. Resources may be added/removed with just 3 days notice period.

Payment Terms

Advance payment for each month's billing cycle. We accept payment via bank wire transfer & online credit cards.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance (QA) and independent verification (IV) are two of the most critical components to maintaining a competitive edge. Unfortunately, achieving the right degree of in-house testing can be challenging, expensive and resource-intensive. We offers a comprehensive range of independent verification and quality assurance services that adhere to the highest levels of security, integration and industry standard processes. Using our dedicated testing labs, QA expertise and team flexibility, we are able to increase the quality of our clients' products while reducing time-to-market, management risks and operating costs.

Our Independent Verification & QA Service Offering:

Virtue TechSoft’s quality assurance and independent verification engineers have strong market-specific testing experience to provide our clients with comprehensive and exhaustive QA and IV services across the product lifecycle. We also have dedicated functional and performance testing labs and product engineering lab with a repository of the latest testing tools and assets. Some of our QA and independent verification capabilities include:

Developing automation solutions
Providing QA consultation and setting up QA labs to take complete responsibility for testing activities
Performing platform certification
Analyzing requirements
Developing and planning test strategies
Selecting and adapting test techniques, methodologies and approaches
Providing timeframes and scope estimations
Defining coverage and statistics metrics
Analyzing use cases and creating test cases
Setting up test environments
Executing test cases and analyzing results
Investigating defects and providing reports and "fixes" validation
Analyzing test cycle results and collecting statistics/metrics
Preparing test cycle status reports

Our Independent Verification & QA Service Focus Areas:

Virtue TechSoft's quality assurance and independent verification services focus on the following areas of interest:

Unit, multi-unit & system testing
User acceptance testing (UAT)
Functional testing
Performance testing (e.g., stress, load, stability, memory leak, bottle-neck, benchmark etc.)
User interface and usability testing
Installation testing
Configuration testing
Security testing
Localization and internationalization testing
Products integration testing
Technical documentation testing
Regression testing